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A verandah canopy was added in 1920 and removed in 1945.

(Warmington and Ward; SA State Heritage Register assessment) In the 1950s Port Pirie was proclaimed as South Australia’s first provincial city.

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The post office, as one of an important group of commercial and public buildings in Port Pirie, helps demonstrate the economic development of the region.

Typologically, Port Pirie is a relatively externally intact example (intact to its 1905 form) of a second generation post office designed to service a large regional centre.

The town of Port Pirie then underwent new development after the opening of a lead smelter by BHP in 1889; this was later further expanded until, by 1934, it was the largest single-unit lead-smelting works in the world.

Alterations were also carried out in 1898-9 to the post office, with the addition of two lobbies, one for telegraph purposes and the other for money order and savings bank business. 19 also show the addition of a new two-storied front in this period which effectively buried the 1880 design; the new addition had Edwardian Baroque detailing.

Expected Ready for Service Date: This date represents nbn™'s most recently published estimate of when they expect to declare the rollout region "Ready for Service" and be able to take the first customer orders.

Port pirie dating service

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