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I remained a member until May 1978, being a member of the District Executive or Secretariat for all that time.

At the 1969 and, unlike others elsewhere, was lucky to be found not guilty of conspiracy to trespass in a major case arising from these activities.

The Communist Party and a few close allies had been the main Parties and trade union branches joined in.

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Communists applauded this, for they stood for “the universal banning of the atom and hydrogen bombs, with international inspection and control; and for substantial reduction, by international agreement, of all other weapons and armed forces”.

All this was to be seen in the context of an independent foreign policy, also.

(3) Miscellany - a collection of Graham Stevenson's books, speeches and articles including, , the Young Communist League, and many pieces on the struggles of the past, along with political and historical materials and illustrations.

Here is a brief note of personal history: I first made contact with the Communist Party in Coventry in 1966, just having turned the age of 16, having counted myself as a Communist for well over a year and a half before that, after reading about Marxism and then finding the Morning Star and other allied Communist publications.

In 1974, after beginning retraining as a capstan-lathe setter/operator, I joined the Transport and General Workers Union.

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