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Near the end, a character is hit on the head and suffers synaesthesia (which I found so cool I wrote a sestina about synaesthesia and won 0 in a contest at university), and Bester had fun mixing the senses with wonderful phrases like “Indigo undulated with sickening speed like a slithering snake,” which I just love.This was definitely one of the books that turned me from a reader to a reader who wanted to write.Roach does give a glimpse of the military's underbelly.


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She researches reincarnation in India, how much the soul might weigh, the ectoplasm specimen at Cambridge, et cetera. She loves adding footnotes of all the strange things she finds as she’s researching, from the decidedly odd to the humorous names that made her giggle.

5) One Book That Made me Cry I challenge anyone to read this book and not cry. It’s the story of a young boy whose mother is sick with cancer, and at night, a monster hidden in his yew tree calls on him.

My writing style is nothing like Riggs, but I love the combination of creepy old photos, a grandfather with a mysterious past, and a hidden world tucked into a corner of Wales.

I had some reservations about the book, but overall I thought the premise and atmosphere was so creepily fantastic.

I love Mary Roach’s books—she’s an insatiably curious woman.


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