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You will need people you can turn to for reassurance and sympathy after a tough day, and people to share your hopes and dreams with. All you need, is for you and your baby to be happy and healthy, and that means you might need to accept help every now and then.

Your network should be your own personal dream team – experts in providing emotional and physical support to you as and when necessary. If you are suffering with morning sickness, accept your mother's offer of doing your laundry. Speak to friends and family members who have experienced single pregnancy, and looking after a newborn as a single mother.

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Single pregnant dating

You may be eligible for the single parenting payment.

You may also be eligible to receive Child Support from the father of the baby.

For example, could you work from home some days to cut down your commute?

Could you work flexible hours to allow you to start late or finish early when you are in need of a rest?

If there is a father in the picture, you may want to get legal help to ensure your rights are protected.

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