Single sailor dating

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I am single (details about that later) and have fallen in love with sailing just three short years ago. I own my own boat - a Spindrift 22 swing keel, which sits on a trailer in my back yard.

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Whilst daydreaming and fooling around on the compter, I got myself into a spot where I was obliged to go and look at a little sailboat that was for sale. Imagine my surprise when the skipper turned out to be a woman who had moved up to a bigger boat. And then last summer, my dog & I sailed around Salt Spring Island on my vacation--Todd Inlet, Portland Island (Royal Cove), Montague Harbour, Wallace Island, Chemainus, Pirate's Cove, Genoa Bay, and home again. Brian As far as what other people think, who cares?

It dawned on me that I had most of the skills and most of the equipment I needed to be a boat owner, so after a few minutes of feeling as though I were standing on the high-diving board, I wrote a cheque. I'm really a power boater so I had "Sailing For Dummies" in one hand and the tiller in the other. Are you strictly a gunkholer or do you go offshore? I can't imagine why anyone would be standoffish with women sailors.

Go when and where you feel comfortable and if you're not going to take a course,- read, learn and put to practise as much as you can.

-- If you're from the Saltspring area there's a great book by an Ontario guy who now lives on Saltspring about one of the solo non stop global races a few years ago.

SOS Annual Sock Burning March 26th 5-8 PMAnnapolis MD.

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