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by  |  01-Aug-2018 17:49

However, a lot of the girls on here are post-operative.If you’re looking for pre-op or non-op, you’ll completely piss-off a "postie" if you ask her if she still has her in-born equipment.

has one of the most comprehensive registries of trans girls around and an active “chat room” - but the site is more for girls to connect as friends and for support versus a “dating site”.

You can view the girls complete gallery of photos if you buy their affordable member upgrade.

So the first thing that any man wishing to meet up with a t*girl needs to do is establish credibility and trust.

They need to convince the girl concerned that they are genuine and gentlemanly.

Getting drunk and asking, "Get ready for rejection - very few of the girls you will meet are actually looking for a 'boyfriend'. Some girls are better at this than others: some will give you a clear 'no', some will just shy away, and some (but few) may leave you with a slap on the cheek!

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