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"I have traveled around the world and visited similar places, but this is by far the most appalling scenes I have seen," he said.Ban requested that the United Nations be provided full access to the displacement camps in order to provide aid.

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That is what I have asked the foreign minister and the president (for), and I was assured that the leaders of the Sri Lankan government will make sure (of this)." Sri Lanka's government as of Sunday had not responded to Ban's appeal.

But the joint statement Saturday said, "The government will expedite the necessary basic and civil infrastructure as well as (the) means of livelihood necessary for the IDPs to resume their normal lives at the earliest.

With the war's end, "the government of Sri Lanka faces many immediate and long-term challenges relating to issues of relief, rehabilitation, resettlement and reconciliation," the joint statement said.

Ban also flew to the site of the civil war's final battle, near Mullaitivu.

Rajapaksa stood as a parliamentary candidate (unprecedented for a former President) and the entire UPFA platform was saturated with his regime’s policies and personalities.

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