Suzhou dating

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This country was closed to foreign lands until 1993.

Even though the country has opened itself up (from a capitalistic point of view), the minds haven't. You have white faces on billboards and white stars on cds (I hate Britney Spears), and you have the worst english grammar on every article of clothing (I love seeing SADIDA instead of ADIDAS).

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When you speak to people in the chinese you've learned, good luck, because if you don't have the right pronunciation, they'll say "shenma", which is "what? Also, they'll say shenma when they understand, just to fool around with you and make you lose face and call you laowai (foreigner).

There aren't enough, that's why, and the country is slowly opening the eyes of people in the West. Every child is an only child, which means they are little emperors or empresses. If you do someone a favor, they surely won't forget.

Suzhou dating

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