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Also you might want to remove some cache files that are no longer used, for example files from older Fedora releases in the following directories: Note: the release-specific notes for End of life releases are on the EOL packager manager upgrade page.If you are upgrading to a final release from an Alpha, Beta, or release candidate, please see Upgrading from pre-release to final.If there is some unrecoverable error that requires a fresh install, you don't want to lose any data.

updating kde-51

You can also find package signing keys for currently-supported releases here. Click Primary (or Secondary, if you are using a secondary architecture), and you will see Get it from: Fedora Project, where Fedora Project is a link.

Copy that URL, and run: Never upgrade on battery power Never run the upgrade operation on battery power! However, if your system does have a battery, it's a good idea to ensure it's charged and connected in case of a power outage during the upgrade.

If you are upgrading from an older Fedora or upgrading across three or more releases, you may need to import the signing key for the target release.

If it turns out not to be, you should be able to import keys like so: , replacing "23" and "x86_64" with the new Fedora version and your architecture, respectively.

Do not interrupt an upgrade for any reason Once a live upgrade is started, do not stop the upgrade by rebooting, killing the process, or by any other method until it is complete.

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