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Betsy Story and Graphics by Chaotic Format HTML/Javascript Play Online and Download Betsy is the latest free game from vdategames.I like to download these games and play offline, this game is a big download over 800 MB (that’s twice as big as Date Ariane and Something’s in the Air combined).More Info After I posted how to make Ariane (see last post), fellow VN creator Chaotic of made this picture.

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If you are willing to pay for a membership, (and I have one) there is a second Violet game, which I downloaded, but haven’t played yet. More Info Highway Blossoms Directed by Syon Santeria Produced by Josh “raithfyre” Kaplan Released by Alienworks Format: Renpy Available on Steam $9.99 (on sale for $5.99) Website Thought I’d finish with something completely different.

This is a Kinetic Yuri Visual Novel set in the American Southwest, or for those that don’t speak VN, it is a linear story (no branches or multiple endings, that’s the “kinetic” part) about a couple of young girls falling in love with each other (that’s the “yuri” part).

Picking lines of dialogue that are not true to your character will end the game early, and stop you from getting to the sexiest content. In the first game you played a white male character Luke trying to build a relationship with a introverted bookworm Celina.

In this one you play as April an African American female who is also interested in Luke, but your BFF Celina already has him.

It’s a bit different from the usual romance plot which makes it feel more original.

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