Who is tony goldwyn dating

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So I’m sad that I won’t be able to – but meanwhile, I’m working on scripts and looking, so whenever “Scandal” finishes its run, I’ll get more into the directing.

So right now I’m just grateful to be doing as much acting as I’m doing.”“Yeah, I’ve got a few television projects that I’m developing that we’re pitching to networks to hopefully set up another pilot, because that works out scheduling-wise for me when I can do that, but those are all in the development phase.” So what do we take away from Tony Goldwyn’s interview?

Obviously not directly, but one of his personal commitments happens to intersect with something several Black women are concerned about – our collective media image.

While it’s great to recognize this, let’s not just talk about it, let’s be about it!

Lots of people in power are aging and looking to pass the torch to the next generation. Everyone should examine their networks closely for potential opportunities.

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