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first channel France 2 has not even its own logo as "album" art picture!!!I had been having the same problem as everyone else in having VLC display the album art wrong for mp3 files but it was happening only for certain files so that was confusing me for a while as the "good" and "bad" mp3 files appeared to be identical for everything that I thought would matter.I don't really understand why it's picked out the artwork for this particular album to display the whole time either, it's really weird. The most annoying aspect I've found with version 1.1.2 is the wrong album art displayed. I have even overwritten with the right image, but the next time I opened VLC, it changed back to the wrong one. I'll try to help to fix the issue but in the meantime, why don't you add an option (err.. Now anyway, the arturl folder contains 3 subfolders with 3 pics which are the 3 album arts that always show up for songs that actually should have a different album art.

windows media player album art not updating-44

Windows media player album art not updating

Jean-Baptiste Kempf - VLC media player developer, Video LAN President and Sites administrator If you want an answer to your question, just be specific and precise. Hi, I join this forum because when I load a folder or a play when Johann Sebastian Bach is in the Artist ... I have found that vlc displays the wrong artwork if there is no artwork saved in the tag of the audio file you are playing.

album picture show some zombie, dark and honestly is offensive. If you use itunes or some tagging software such as mp3tag to save the artwork in the file it displays the correct album art.

All VLC preferences were set to default and I'm using the standard skin - i.e, VLC is pretty much just as downloaded and installed.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 but I doubt that matters.

The only way I can alter what it shows is by changing the "visualisation". I DONT WANT TO LOOK AT A PICTURE OF LEONARD COHEN WHEN LISTENING TO BACH. (I'm not really that mad, I just want a solution)Anyone? same issue here.i noticed that after i changed the artist from [blank] to 'testing' then it worked.might have something connected there.also, what determines if a thumbnail is shown?

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