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HYDROLOGY 023194 ADARSH KUMAR, QURESHI T A, PARASHAR A, PATIYAL R S (Applied Aquaculture Dep, Barkatullah Univ, Bhopal-26) : Seasonal variationin physico-chemical characteristics of Ranjit Sagar reservoir, Jammu & Kashmir. 023195 BHU H, SHARMA B L (Geol Dep, Mohanlal Sukhadia Univ, Udaipur-313 002, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Dynamic recrystallisation and quartz fabric in palaeoproterozoic conglomerate, East of Udaipur, Rajasthan. 023196 BISHT B S (Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research , Atomic Energy Dep, Begumpet, Hyderabad-500 016, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Compositional characterisation of biotite from the Gamkak and Jaivor areas in the West Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh with implications on Uranium mineralisation. 023197 CALVI G M, PINHO R, MAGENES G, BOMMER J J, RESTREPO-VELEZ L F, CROWLEY H (Structural Mechanics Dep, Univ of Pavia, Pavia, Italy) : Development of seismic vulnerability assessment metodologies over the past 30 years. 023198 CHAKRABORTY P K, SRIVASTAVA K (Meteorological Office, N. - a potential tree legume used as a source on non-conventional food in Tripura. 023247 CHALISE H N (Social Gerontology Dep, School of Health Science Unrisyt, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan) : Population ageing trends in Nepal. 023248 GOPAL KRISHAN, SURESH KUMAR, SAHA S K ( Agriculture and Soil Div, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand) : Significance of studying microbial diversity and its relevance. 023249 GOPALAKRISHNAN, ANITA SURESH KUMAR MODY K, JHA B ( Marine Algae and Marine Environment Discipline, CSMCRI, G. Road, Bhavnagar-364 002, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Biosurfactant production by marine bacteria. 023250 GUPTA P K, TIWARI P, GUPTA R (Zoology Dep, D.

023241 BASKARAN R K M, MAHENDIRAN G, SURESH K ( Agricultural Entomology Dep, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Agricultural Univ, Madurai-625 104, Tamil Nadu) : Influence of semi-synthetic diets and non-living substrata on the ovipositional behaviour of Scymnus Coccivora ayyar (Coccinellidae : coleoptera). 023242 BHATTACHARYYA P, GHOSH D G (Nodule Research Laboratory, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, P. Krishi Vidyalaya, Nadia-741 252) : Effect of some fluorescent pseudomonads on some plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria in vitro . 023243 BOMHOFF M (Madathuvilla Veedu, Prasanth Nagar, Ullor-695 001) : Added value of a Aqualitativge approach towards the study of Senior's social lives. 023244 BOSE D, GHOSH U, GANGOPADHYAY H (Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering Dep, Jadavpur Univ, Kolkata-700 032) : Effect of different salts of metals on production of fungal alpha amylase by solid state fermentation utilizing agricultural wastes . 023245 CAVALU S (Biophysics Dep, Univ of Oradea, Faculty of Medicine, P-ta 1 Decembrie 10, Oradea, Romania) : On the conformation and stability of pharmaceutical protein formulations by complementary spin label and fourier deconvolution technique. 023246 CHAKRABORTI S (Life Science Dep, Cytogenetics and Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Tripura Univ, Suryamaninagar-799 130 , E-Mail : [email protected]) : Phenological and pod bearing characteristics of Parkia javanica lamk. Campus, Kumaun Univ, Nainital-263 002) : Cyanobacteria and associated environmental factors in lake Nainital, Uttaranchal, India . 023251 JEYAPRAKASH K, CHINNASWAMY P (Biochemistry Dep, Dr.

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023022 FAIZIEV V A, SAHOO P K (Mathematics Dep, Louisville Univ, Louisville, KY-402 92, , E-Mail : [email protected]) : On the stability of Jensen's functional equation on groups. 023023 GARG M, RAO A (Mathematics Dep, Rajasthan Univ, Jaipur-302 004, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Fractional extensions of some boundary value problems in oil strata.

Proc Indian Acad Sci-Math Sci 2007, 117(1), 109-145. Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati-444 604, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Structural characterization and thermally stimulated discharge conductivity (TSDC) study in polymer thin films. 023141 SHARMA A, VERMA R C (Physics Dep, Punjabi Univ, Patiala-147 002, E-Mail : arvind_kks1rediffmail.com) : Exclusive weak hadronic decays of charmed baryons in flavor SU (3) reanalyzed . 023142 SHRIVASTAVA P K (Phys Dep, Govt Model Sci Coll, Rewa-483 001, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Association of bright loop coronal mass ejections with major solar flares and Forbush decreases of cosmic ray intensity.

023277 ASTHANA A K, NATH V (Bryology Laboratory, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow-226 001) : Investigations on hornworts (anthocerotae) of Khasi and Jaintia hills : Meghalaya. phase-I command area, loonkaransar, Bikaner, Western Rajasthan. 023294 CHOYAL R, YADAV M K, BISHNOI R, SUDESH (Botany Dep, M.

G.) College, Sriganganagar-335 001) : Parthenogenesis in three Marsilea species.

G.) College, Dehra Dun-248 001) : Impact of exhaust pipe emission from petrol and diesel vehicle on haematological parameters of male rat in summers. Bull , Kanpur-208 016) : Nonconforming h-p spectral element methods for elliptic problems. 023130 PATIL N S, MALLIK A K (Mechanical Enng Dep, Indian Inst of Technol Kanpur, Kanpur-208 016, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Experimental investigation of the response of a harmonically excited hard Duffing oscillator. 023131 PATIL S D, RAGHAVENDRA S C, REVANSIDDAPPA M, NARSIMHA P, *AMBIKA PRASAD M V N (Materials Science Dep, Gulbarga Univ, Gulbarga-585 106, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Synthesis, transport and dielectric property of polyaniline/Co composites. 023132 PRASAD N, DAUDI A A (Biocemistry Dep, Chemical Laboratory, Faculty of Basic Sciences & Humanities, Rajendra Agriculture Univ, Pusa, Samastipur-848 125) : Temperature dependence of volumetric, acoustic parameters and molecular interactions in binary liquid mixtures. 023133 PRIEBE A, MENG F, PUCCI A (Kirchhoff Insitute of Physics, , Koramangala, Bangalore-560 034, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Unified approach to photo- and electro-production of mesons with arbitrary spins. 023135 RAZDAN A (Astrophysical Sci Div, Bhabha Atomic Res Centre, Trombay, Mumbai-400 085, E-Mail : [email protected]) : On non-extensive nature of thermal conductivity. 023136 ROSHAN LAL, SUMAN , SHARMA N D, TANEJA S P, REDDY V R (Physics Dep, Kurukshetra Univ, Kurukshetra-136 119, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Structural and magnetic properties of zinc ferrite aluminates. 023137 RUGMINI RADHAKRISHNAN S (Phys Dep, Avinashilingam Univ for Women, Coimbatore-641 043) : Fabrication and study of a dual purpose solar dryer. 023138 SAMANT K M, HARAM S K, KAPOR S (Chem Dep, Univ of Pune, Ganeshkhind, Pune-411 007) : Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by catalytic vapor decomposition (CVD) method: optimization of various parameters for themaximum yield. 023139 SAMARASEKARA P, YAPA N U S, KUMARA N T R N, PERERA M V K (Physics Dep, Ruhuna Univ, Matara, Sri Lanka, E-Mail : [email protected]) : CO gas sensitivity of sputtered zinc oxide thin films. 023140 SANGAWAR V S, *DHOKNE R J, UBALE A U, CHIKHALIKAR P S, MESHRAM S D (Physics PG Dep, Govt. Model Sci Coll, Rewa-483 001, E-Mail : [email protected]) : High speed solar wind streams and transient decreases in cosmic ray intensity . 023144 SIMON V, ENIU D, GRECU R, SIMON S (Physics Department , , Simon S) : Environment changes around the cations of yttrium aluminosilicate glasses doped with gadolinium. 023145 SINGH G S, BAJPAI R P (Advanced Optical Processing Div, Central Scientific Instruments Organization Sector 30, Chandigarh-160 030, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Design consideration of three component mechanically compensated zoom lenses . 023146 SINGH G S, BAJPAI R P (Advanced Optical Processing Div, Central Scientific Instruments Organization Sector 30, Chandigarh-160 030, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Design considerations of two components mechanically compensated zoom lenses . 023147 SINGH M, KULSHERSTHA V, ANIL KUMAR, ACHARAYA N K, VIJAY Y K (Thin Films and Membrane Sci Lab, Phys Dep, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302 004) : The kinetics of Cr layer coated on Ti Ni films for hydrogen absorption. 023148 SINGH S N, THAKUR A N, SINGH K (Phys Dep, T.

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