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Hi, For the past month, I have been having issues with the Zabbix trapper components (Active).They randomly freeze and stops accepting connections for 6 to 12 hours at a time.Here is the Zabbix_server config values: Debug Level=3 Start Pollers=80 Start Pollers Unreachable=40 Start Trappers=100 Start Pingers=20 Start Discoverers=10 Cache Size=512M Cache Update Frequency=300 Start DBSyncers=32 History Cache Size=256M Trend Cache Size=128M Timeout=20 Proxy Config Frequency=300 Start VMware Collectors=20 VMware Frequency=300 VMware Perf Frequency=300 VMware Timeout=30 VMware Cache Size=512M Value Cache Size=512M Has anyone ever encountered this? I was able to temporarily minimize the issue by changing all my 6 Zabbix Proxies to Passive in the meantime, but I'd really like to fix that "Active" issue. Might be so on some smart firewalls that specific posts are blocked due to some amount of traffic. Each DB syncer is capable of processing ~1000 nvps so you should be safe with the default 4 here. I too thought maybe some network contention might be the problem, but the thing that made me doubt this is the fact the that Zabbix Agent (ACTIVE) running locally on the Zabbix Server itself has the same issue when trying to connect locally to "itself" using Active...

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Recently I've encountered issues with User Paratemer options in Zabbix Agent.

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