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“Schwa Fire” ventures into long-form language journalism Nov. 25, 2013 The phrase “American exceptionalism” has been much in the news ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an op/ed piece in the New York Times taking issue with President Obama’s statement that America’s foreign policy “makes us exceptional.” Colorless milk ports flap furiously Sept.

6, 2013 For several years now, many linguists and their fellow travelers have talked about the need for a magazine about language issues that could capture the public attention. 28, 2013 As reported earlier this month by Arnold Zwicky, the world of linguistics lost Ivan Sag after a three-year fight against cancer. 5, 2013 On the Wall Street Journal’s Emerging Europe blog, Emre Peker reports on a case of linguistic chicanery, with none other than Noam Chomsky as its victim.

I’m facing a big problem regarding Google and You Tube.

I think that only pussies can be working there, in these big corporations.

Language Log partners with Lexicon Valley on Slate Sept.

4, 2013 For the past year and a half, Mike Vuolo and Bob Garfield have been co-hosting the excellent Slate podcast Lexicon Valley, covering many Language Log-friendly topics (and interviewing a few Language Loggers in the process). 28, 2013 Perfect lexicographical storms don’t come along like this very often.

24, 2014 The American Dialect Society’s recognition of because as Word of the Year has sparked a number of intriguing linguistic arguments. 13, 2014 In the latest episode of “Sam & Cat,” a teen comedy on Nickelodeon, the plot takes a lexicographical turn. 29, 2013 The interactive dialect quiz on the New York Times website, developed by Josh Katz from Bert Vaux and Scott Golder’s Harvard Dialect Survey, has proved to be immensely popular. A fair-use victory for Google in these United States Nov.

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